This Dog Did Something Terribly Wrong. But How He Asks For Forgiveness? SO PRECIOUS!

You may have seen a lot of guilty dog videos but you probably haven’t seen anything like this before! This video below features a guilty dog who desperately asks dad for forgiveness and it is the best thing I have seen so far. I know dogs are adorable when they feel guilty, but I never expected a dog to do this!

Ettore is the Labrodor in the video below. He made a terrible mistake and when dad scolds him about it, he has the most precious reaction ever. He knows that he should feel guilty and regrets what he has done. Now he wants dad to forgive for whatever mistake he has done. This video is in Italian. Even though you don’t know the language it doesn’t matter because you will definitely understand what this dog is feeling!

What an adorable pair! Watch this video below. Did this make you smile? Write your comments in the comments section below!

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