This Parrot Thought He Was Alone In The Room. What He Does Next? You’ll Be In STITCHES!

Parrots are mostly known for their amazing ability to mimic human language and various other sounds. They are really intelligent and are quick to pick what they see and hear. This video also shows an awesome ability of a green parrot. But you might never have seen a bird do this in front of the camera before!

When dad was not looking, this parrot slowly sneaked into the room. You can see how silent and quick this parrot is with his feet. But after a moment, he decides to announce his arrival to dad. What he does next? You won’t see this coming!

This video is just 24 seconds long, but it actually has over a million views on YouTube. Everybody love this witty little bird and his hilarious antics!

Watch this video below. How much did you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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