She Looks Like A Normal 12 Yr Old… But What She Does With This Rollerblades Is GROUNDBREAKING!

Feng Hui from China is only 12 years old, yet she has a skill which is able to leave even adults biting their nails. She is a world class rollerblader and she shows off her awesome skills in the video below. This will definitely leave you stunned.

During the World Artistic and Freestyle Roller Skating Grand Prix held in Shanghai in 2011, Feng Hui took out her big guns and left everyone screaming with excitement. She free-styled to MJ’s “Beat It” and it is just groundbreaking. At first I thought she was going to dance, but when she started to move her legs around the plastic cups on the ground, my jaw hit the floor.

Her performance blew my mind. What about you? Let us know your thoughts about her in the comments section below!

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