Adorable Dog Does This When His Canine Friend Steps On Mom’s Bed. I Cracked Up To See This!

Traditionally, dogs and cats are thought to be rivals. But this concept has been debunked as there have been a lot of instances where cats and dogs do well together. However, there are still friendly rivalries between them which we can view in the video below! You’ll be in stitches to see this!

Eva the cat and Pepper the Dachshund may be great friends when mom is around, but whenever it comes to the topic of domination over mom’s bed, they can’t help but get all hyped up. In the video below as well, we see Pepper getting all ready to attack Eva. He is waiting for Eva to step on mom’s bed and whenever she does so, he attacks her.

Wait till you see how this one ends. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know via comments!

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