For 13 Years, This Lion Was Locked In A Cage. Now Watch His Reaction To Freedom.

Most of the people enjoy circus acts. They are quite funny and entertaining. But there are people who oppose to the activities of circuses which involves abusing animals for the performances. Most of the times, wild animals are brought up in the captivity from the early stage of their life and in heavy trainings. No wild animals belong in cage, especially for the entertainment of others.

This lion in the video below was held in captivity for more than 13 years. He never saw outer world except for the cages of the circus. He never even touched a real green grass, nor saw a blue sky and breathed open air. However, some kind rescuers were finally able to free this poor lion. Now watch his reaction when he steps on the open air for the first time ever!

Watch this amazing rescue video. What do you think about animal abuses in circus? Let us know in the comments section below!

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