Stray dog gets rescued, then the rescuers are treated to something most unexpected

Parents are always looking after their children. Be it humans or animals, parents always take responsible for their off-springs and their future. This mama dog in the video below was also fulfilling her duty towards her children, and she is the most faithful dog I have ever seen!

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, dispatched a team to rescue an injured and homeless dog that was spotted coming in and out of a bush near the street. They expected this dog to be pregnant so they hurried to the site in order to save her before she could give birth. But as it turned out, this dog had already given birth to her puppies and was feeding them while hiding inside the bush. Rescuers took 10 minutes to spot this dog and had to go through whole lot of trouble just to get her out of the bush.

Watch this incredible rescue in the video below and share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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