This Is Their Baby’s First Christmas. You’ll Burst Out In Laughter When You See The Baby Do This!

Festivals and celebrations are all socially learned things. No one ‘knows’ everything the moment they are born. They gradually learn the social norms and values, and also all the festivals, traditions and celebrations they have to follow. So obviously, everyone have their ‘firsts’. This little baby in the video below is also going through a similar situation. This is her first Christmas and she doesn’t know what she really needs to do!

Mom and dad wanted to make this little girl’s first Christmas the best one ever. However, what they didn’t know was the disaster which was destined to follow. This little girl didn’t know what Christmas was and she had never seen a Christmas tree before. So obviously, this curious little girl went around ‘exploring’ and ruining every bit of Christmas tree she could get her hands on.

Watch what follows next. Can you relate to this? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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