A/C Repairman Thought He Was Alone. But What This Hidden Camera Caught Him Doing? OMG!

This video below features a shocking reveal about the fraud air conditioner repairmen who have been ripping us off without any remorse. They say they will charge us the minimum, but for just a simple cleaning, they charge us as high as $700. So to reveal these deceptive repairmen, Inside Edition took out their time to create this epic experiment.

At first the team set up the camera all around this house, then asked the experts to check the air conditioners. When everything was checked and done, they called some of the air conditioner repairmen and companies. Can you guess what the result was? Apparently, these repairmen who came to the house did little to nothing, but still charged the owner from $200 to $700.

There might be a/c repairmen who are genuine, but these two men definitely aren’t. Watch this video below. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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