They Got On Stage To Perform Their Routine…But When The Lights Went Out, I Couldn’t Stop Staring!

It was the 10th anniversary of the America’s Got Talent, and the judges wanted something totally different from their next participants. However, this group named Freckled Sky came for the audition and gave them more than what they expected to see. This group consisting of dancers Javlin and Olga along with their director Val gave the performance that judges could hardly take their eyes off from.

Javlin and Olga told judges beforehand that their performance is one of a kind, and they were not wrong. They brought the elements like water, light and dance together to form a full package of entertainment and the master mind behind this concept is their very own director Val. Howard Stern was so impressed with this performance that he wasted no time in hitting the golden buzzer.

This is truly a marvelous performance of all times. You should definitely watch this!

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