He Didn’t Allow His Puppy To Get On The Couch – Then The Puppy Starts Arguing

When dogs get tired of chewing on furniture or hiding your valuable things in the garden, all they want to do is relax and chill out. No one can always be so full of energy right? We need to understand that even our lively little dogs need to lay low for a while. The adorable French bulldog in the video below wants just that!

He wants to relax and have a comfortable time on the couch, but his owner is not having any of that. He refuses to let the dog get on the couch, so the little pup starts delivering some performances! It was hilarious to see him sort of “talk” to his owner towards the end! I would have let that adorable thing up in no time!

Watch this cute little video below! Would you deny your dog the privilege to rest on the sofa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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