Cat Sneaks Up On An Oblivious Owl. But What Happens Next? I NEVER Would Have Guessed!

We have all seen a lot of odd and unusual couples in our life. But I seriously haven’t chanced upon a pairing as bizarre as the one featured in the video below! These might very well be the weirdest friends I have ever witnessed. And that’s what makes it even more cute! This duo of a cat and a barn owl is going to melt your heart!

They have been the best of friends since they were very young; around 1 month old. The cat is called Fum and the owl has been given the name of Gerba. They play together all day at their home in Anadalucia, Spain. Really cute aren’t they? Seems like a love and hate relationship too! Their bond is definitely one of a kind!

Watch Fum and Gerba’s adorable friendship below! Let us know what you thought of them in the comments!

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