Everyone Thought Elvis Presley Was Going To Sing. But Then? This BLEW MY MIND!

Elvis Presley is a legend. He is also known as the King of Rock and Roll. We have all seen his amazing live performances or recorded ones. But it seems like he was quite a fun person to hang out with as well. He had the funny side which we don’t normally get to see. So grab this rare chance to see this hilarious and sweet moments of this legend in the video below. This will surely leave you in hysterics!

This video is actually a compilation of the funny moments of Elvis Presley during his live performances. The first clip shows Elvis humming along with the music by his band instead of actually singing the song. It leaves everyone in hysterics and the king laughs himself as well. Other clips also show his witty personality which everyone came to fall in love with.

No wonder Elvis is loved by all. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us via your comments!

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