This Husky Pooped On The Carpet. But When His Owner Came Looking For Him? I’m In Stitches!

Huskies are perhaps the most popular dog breeds on this planet. Their wolf-like appearance and their abilities to “talk” make them one of a kind. But did you know that they are also some of the most stubborn breeds out there? Just take a look at this Husky in the video for instance!

This is Zeus – a husky that has already starred in a few dog videos. You might have seen some of them; one where he argued with his owner when she asked him to get off the sofa, or the other where he refused to get out of the bathtub. But this clip is a little different. Zeus poops on the carpet. When his owner comes looking for him, watch how he reacts!

Watch this video below! Did Zeus crack you up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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