Elvis Presley Sings THIS Classic Hit. Now Keep Your Eyes On That Puppet. OMG!

Elvis Presley is mostly known as the King of Rock and Roll. However, during his dripping successful decades, he was also pretty famous for his acting career. People, and mainly young ladies, used to go crazy whenever they saw Elvis on the screen or any of his concerts. Even now, people adore and admire Elvis and his works.

This video below features a scene from one of his famous movies called “G.I. Blues”. In the movie he plays the character of Tulsa McLean who is a specialist with the Army stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. During his deployment, Tulsa meets local cabaret singer called Lili and falls for her. In this specific clip, we see Tulsa and Lili waiting for a puppet show along with a young audience. But when the old man who is running the play encounters a problem, Presley as Tulsa helps him sing the song “Wooden Heart”.

Watch this incredible ‘blast from the past’ in the video below. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!

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