When They Went To See Giraffe In The Zoo, They Never Expected To Witness Something This Wonderful!

Birth is the miracle of nature and it can easily mesmerize everyone. Be it an animal or a human, every mother has to go through a painful yet wonderful experience of giving birth to a new life. These people in the video below are witnessing a mother giraffe giving birth for the first time. And needless to say, they are both shocked and mesmerized to witness this event!

This beautiful giraffe in the video below is called Sarabi, and she is a new mother in the zoo. This is the second time in just a few months that a baby reticulated giraffe has been born at the Memphis zoo. Sarabi gave birth to a female calf amidst a throng of awed spectators.

Witness this wonderful miracle of nature in the video below. You’ll surely be awed to see this event!

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