THIS Is Why God Made A Dog. Here’s A Video Every Dog Lover Should See!

Paul Harvey broadcasted a speech called “So God Made A Farmer” in 1978. It was popular back then and is still pretty famous. One of the reason people admire Paul Harvey is this speech. This speech was soon enough turned into a viral Super Bowl commercial by Ram Trucks in the honor of all the farmers in the world. Now, someone has made a Paul Harvey styled tribute video about dogs and it is going viral.

The narrator starts by saying, “And in the eighth day, god made a dog”. In the bible, it has been written that god made this world in 7 days. However, the narrator wanted to put special focus on the day when god made dogs because he wants to appreciate all the things that dogs have done for their humans.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Every dog owner can testify to this fact. Watch this wonderful video below! Did you like it? Feel free to write us your comments about it!

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