This Goose Follows His Best Friend EVERYWHERE. Now Wait Till You See Who His Friend Is! WHOA!

There are many examples of unlikely friendships in the internet. However this is probably the most unbelievable and unusual friendship I’ve ever seen in my life. This video features a man named Dominic Ehrler, and his best friend is Mario the goose!

Yes… you heard me right! Not a dog, or a cat, but Dominic’s best friend is a goose and he is quite protective towards Dominic as well. According to Dominic, one day when he was strolling down a park, Mario spotted him and instantly started following him. He says that he never fed him or tried to talk to him, but Mario followed him nonetheless. Mario even follows Dominic whenever he tries to leave the park. He stays right beside him, and sometimes Dominic has to go back to the park and wait for Mario to fall asleep.

Watch this video below. What are your thoughts about it? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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