Poor Cockatiel Is Unable To Become A Mother – Until Her Owner Does THIS With The Egg! Whoa!

Gordita, this two and a half year old cockatiel laid two eggs. Even though she was the youngest cockatiel in the house, she became the first one to become a mother while her older sibling, Mocha was still unable to produce a fertile egg. Poor Mocha was infertile her entire life. It was then that their owner decided to do something unbelievable. She gave one of the eggs to Mocha and gave her a chance to become a mother.

The owner then filmed the two adorable cockatiel babies for the entire month. According to the video description, in the first 30 days of cockatiel’s life, they grow rapidly. So this owner filmed the baby cockatiels from the day of their hatch and the result is unbelievable.

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