Is THIS What Old People Do For Fun? OMG! This Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor!

Generally we think that fun and pranks come to the end when you age or get older. But this grandma in the video below will shatter all your misconceptions. Even though she is old, she will show you how to have fun while you are bored to death!

This lady is just chilling in the car while her husband is busy driving. It looks like a normal old couple driving slowly to their destination, doesn’t it? But wait for the time when this silent ride changes into an uproar. Grandma finds an extra steering wheels and starts playing with it. She is bored of the long ride so decides to have fun with steering wheels instead. Just then, grandma sees a man driving in his car at their side. But what this grandma does next is nothing but hilarious!

Watch this hysterical video below and share your thoughts with us through your comments below!

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