101 Yr Old Grandma Loves Snowfall. How She Reacts When She Sees One? That Is PRICELESS!

Every memory is precious and because of the technological era, people have been able to capture these priceless moments in their portable devices and keep it forever in digital form. The latest technology has even made it easy for us to share these precious moments with the people all over the world. Like many other people of the world, Armand Foisy knows how important it is to treasure every possible moment spent with his family. Especially, he says that when you have a 101 year old mother it is wise to keep your camera close.

This video below features an incredible moment which shows Armand’s mom playing with the snow. The sheer joy on this grandma’s face is precious and has the ability to melt anyone to the ground. Wait this you see this adorable grandma and her reaction towards snowfall yourself. This will no doubt win your heart!

Watch this video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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