Mama Saw Her Parrot Doing This To Her Annoyed Cat. But She Never Expected To See This Next!

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. You probably have seen the videos in the internet which prove this fact. In this video below as well you’ll be able to see probably one of the most adorable friendships between a parrot and a cat. Even though cats are always thought to be chasing birds, in the video, the case is quite the opposite.

This brown kitty looks like he is really angry about something. It may be because mom didn’t bring his favorite snack when she came home from work. But his feathery best friend decides to do all he can to cheer this kitty up. However, this cat doesn’t like being poked around when he is upset. Just look at his expression. He is like “Dudeā€¦ just get off my face!”

Check out this hilarious video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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