Mom Asks Guilty Dog About The Chewed Up Pen. But The Response She Gets In Return Is Unbelievable!

Dogs may be the friendliest and most loyal creatures on earth but at times they make a lot of messes around the house and we humans are the ones who ended up cleaning after them. However, it is definitely true that dogs have the most hilarious reaction whenever they are found guilty or realize that they have made a grave mistake. Take this little pup in the video below for example!

This pup named Niko had apparently chewed up mom’s pen several days ago. So he thought mom had forgotten all about it. But to his surprise, mom has found a perfect day to confront him about the mess and he is not ready to face it. As soon as he gets inside the house through his personal doggie door, mom says “did you chew up the pen?” But his reaction to it leaves even mama laughing!

Watch this video below. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know in the comments section!

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