When You See These Rescued Animals In The Barn Now, You’ll Melt To The Ground! I’m In Tears!

This video can make anyone smile in even the gloomiest day. With the increasing rate of inhumane factory farming in the world, many innocent farm animals are being abused and harmed needlessly. Because of this, we can rarely see these animals in their own natural state. However, you will be delighted to see this handful of rescued farm animals in their happiest state in the video below.

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit farm sanctuary that seeks to create a humane world for both humans and non-humans. Many of these farm animals from the video were rescued by this organization from their wretched lives. However, even with their dreadful past, these animals are enjoying their life to the fullest in the video below.

These bouncing goats and piglets are sure to make your heart flutter. Watch this video and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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