Hippo emerges out of the water, then silences the zoo crowd with his epic fart

Farting in public really is a taboo. Though it is just a natural process, we really find it hard to accept it as it is. Maybe it’s because of the awful smell and the sound it makes. Despite the satisfaction of letting one rip, people don’t normally go around getting that gas off their body. However, for this hippo in the video below, farting in public is like saying ‘hello’ to everyone. He knows how to embrace all the perks and cons of farting in public. You’ll definitely be amazed by him!

This awesome and carefree hippo is called Harry. He is a flamboyant hippo who is not worried of anything; for him even farting is a trivial matter. When Harry was getting out of the water, every one of the visitors in the zoo thought it would be a great and rare sight. However, what they got in return is something that they never expected to see.

Watch what Harry the farting hippo does next! Did this make you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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