Perplexed Boxer Can’t Figure Out Where Mom Is When Dad Puts Him On A Call With Her

Dogs are always showering their humans with unconditional and unlimited love. Whenever we are around them, they stay with us but when we are not around them, they just wait for us to return. They love their owners above anything else. Like this little Boxer named Harvey in the video below!

Harvey is just a little pup and he is missing mom very much. He sits in the couch with sad face as mom is out and he can’t play with her. Observing this, dad decides to surprise him and calls mom. As soon as Harvey hears mom’s voice in the speaker he sits upright. He scans the room for mom but he can’t see her. Poor guy has no clue where the voice is coming from and makes confused face.

Isn’t he the cutest? Wait till you see him in the video below!

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