They Lost Their Brother In War. But When I Saw This Next, I Couldn’t Stop My Tears!

This video below features a tribute to all the fallen soldiers of our country. Soldiers are brave souls who have devoted their lives for their nation and citizens. Without any greed, they serve their nation for all their life. But because of the war and violent events, they lose their life. Nation and everyone needs to respect them as they have sacrificed their lives for the sake of others.

In the following video, we see a lot of photographs of the people who lost their lives as soldiers. We also see their family members and their loved ones crying on their funerals. This video was made to honor the sacrifice and struggles of all the soldiers who lost their lives. Along with the heartbreaking pictures, this video is accompanied by tear jerking song “Heaven Was Needing A Hero”.

Watch this heart breaking video below and share your thoughts about it with us through your comments!

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