This 1965 Hit By Herman Hermits Became The Fastest Selling Song In History. Do You Recall It?

Back in 1960s, many British boy bands emerged and made the history with their amazing songs. One of such successful bands of this decade is Herman Hermits, who was formed in Manchester in 1962. This band is mostly known for their catchy songs and this video below features one of their most popular hit of the decade.

“I’m Henry VII, I am” went down to become the fastest selling song in the history. Even though the original version of this song, which was released in 1910 by Fred Murray and R.P. Weston, was quite popular back in the days, the 1965 cover by Herman Hermits took the world by storm. It was this band’s second number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Watch this epic song below. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!

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