She Lay Motionless When Her Truck Crashed In A Rural Area. Now Wait & See What A Stray Dog Does!

This video below features a story of a woman named Shannon who found an unexpected hero when she fell victim of a road accident. She was driving down a rural Georgia road when she suddenly couldn’t control her truck because of the speed and the curves of the road. She flew right out of the window and passed out. Her truck had gone out of the road so no one in the area noticed her crashed truck. But then something miraculous happened!

When she came by, Shannon felt a strong presence who was lurking besides her. It was a stray dog who saw the lifeless body of Shannon and came to help. This stray dog dragged Shannon over 100 feet back to the street so that humans would be able to see her. Watching the effort of this dog, Shannon found the courage to stand up, stop a vehicle and call her husband for help.

Watch this incredible story in the following video and share your thoughts about it with us in the comments section below!

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