Tiny Kitten Was Sleeping. Wait Till You See What She Does When Her Owner Tries To Wake Her!

Cats are a lazy species. All they want is to sleep and eat and sleep again. If you are looking for something more fun, just go for the dogs. Sometimes it feels as if cats act lazy just to spite their humans. But the tiny little Himalayan cat in the video below isn’t one of them. She just can’t seem to help her sleepy state. Whenever her owner nudges her awake, she opens her orbs like eyes for a millisecond and drifts back to sleep again.

The poor thing can’t seem to open her eyes long enough to play. Whenever the tiny kitten feels her owner’s finger on her face, she opens her eyes and tries swatting at her owner’s finger. But she can’t stay awake long enough to properly do it. I really wish the owner would just stop her playful nudging and let the little girl sleep.

Watch this adorable kitten in the video below. What are your thoughts about this video? Let us know them in the comments!

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