Puppy HATES Going To The Groomer. Now Wait Till You See HOW He Throws A Hissy Fit—HILARIOUS!

Dogs are incredible creatures. They don’t like to harm anyone unless they are pushed into a corner. There are a few things that they don’t really enjoy. Going to the vet is something they hate, and they also abhor taking baths. If you have a dog, you know this is true! The pooch in the following video perfectly illustrated this fact of life!

This adorable little guy is named Oreo. He had a visit to the groomer’s, and he was not happy about it. She had her hands on him, and was ready to start their session. But he was less than thrilled about it. The dog began whining in the funniest manner! This rant didn’t seem to bother the groomer much though. She was very cheerful through it all!

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