HGTV Twin Stars Just Released Their DEBUT Song. I Couldn’t Help But Cry By The End! WOW!

Twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are well-known TV stars who are mostly popular for the TV series “Property Brothers”. They are often called “The Scott Brothers” and through this show, they have managed to help a lot of people. In this show, these twin brothers help home buyers to purchase and renovate “fixer-uppers”.

However, recently they have spread their wings and have stepped into the music industry. Their debut song “Hold On” is featured in the video below. This song is about the importance of the family and the lyric says that at the end of the day, we will come home no matter where we are. They have also released a second single titled “Let the Night Shine In” and they are already in preparation to release a full album called “At Home”.

I really loved their music. What about you? Let us know through your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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