Horse Approached A Tiny Ditch On The Ground. But It’s His Next Move That Really Cracked Me Up—LOL!

I don’t think that there is anybody on this planet who isn’t afraid to do things; especially for the first time. It may sound obvious, but this rule holds true for our animal friends as well. Take a look at this horse in the video for instance. Even a creature as strong as him has a fear that no one would ever expect!

This horse is called Commando, and he’s from the Holsteiner breed. Inside of that strong appearance is his soul that is scared like the rest of us. This boy is afraid of ditches, and he tries his best to avoid them. Being a beginner, he has recently been learning to jump over them. Not fully understanding how to handle ditches, Commando does something that will surely crack you up!

Watch the video below. Did it make you smile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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