Man Attempts To Back Up His Trailer. But When He Fails, Watch What These Farm Horses Do! ROFL!

Horses are probably the only animals that have been graced with not just beauty but strength as well. There are some that are calm, while there are others that are nothing but goofy. This clip features a group of horses that likes being silly now and then. I am sure you’ll end up laughing along after watching this funny Volkswagen commercial.

This driver does his best to back up and park a horse trailer in the farm but fails miserably every time. When the horses around take notice of him, they break down in laughter. That’s when a Volkswagen driver arrives at the scene and nails the parking routine. The horses, when they see the man do a perfect park on his first try, have nothing to laugh about!

Watch the video below. Did it make you smile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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