She Sits Down To Take A Nap. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off These Sleeping Horses! Aww!

Everyone has their own sleeping habits. Dogs make rounds of their beds before laying on it, cats fit themselves in almost any place and some parrots like to talk themselves to sleep. When it comes to horses, one may say that their special sleeping habit is standing while sleeping. However, you might be amazed to know another one of their sleeping habits.

Apparently, horses love to snore and fart while sleeping. Take these horses in the video below for an instance! These horses belong to Liz Mitten Ryan and her retreat called Equinisity Retreat. It is located in British Columbia, Canada and many people visit this retreat to experience bond with these horses. These horses are used to being around humans and they also get to roam around freely in the evening.

Watch how these horses sleep in the video below. Did this make you laugh? Let us know via comments!

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