Horses Play In The Snow Like Little Kids. But Then? I Wasn’t Expecting To See THAT Next!

It is really fun to play in the snow. I am sure when you were a child, you snuck out to play snowball fight despite your warning from mom. Well… not just humans but animals seem to love the beautiful snow and like to play with it. Take an example of these horses in the video below for example! I’d never seen a horse playing in the snow before!

The owner let these horses out in the snow, and it seems like it was a very good decision. She got to witness this incredible moment and also share this with the world. As soon as these horses saw the snow, which almost buried their body, they became delighted and started to play with them. The snow was fluffy and very fresh with made it easy for the horses to move around.

Watch this video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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