Owner Starts Filming Her Adorable Huskies. But I Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen Next!

Even when all her work is done, a mother never gets a minute of rest with her children around. Her job is never finished. This video shows that very fact in detail! Seems like a mother is a mother, whether you are human or a four legged animal. This cute video of a husky mom and her bouncy little pups will cheer you up in no time!

This observant mama is keenly watching over her puppies. She runs around and jumps, while the little tykes try to follow whatever she does. The mother is faster than them, and she has abundant time to come and sit majestically on the couch, while her pups are still sliding around on the hard wood floor. This really brought a huge smile on my face!

Watch this adorable little video below! How did you feel watching this? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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