He Is Late For School. But What This Stubborn Husky Does When Mom Tries To Wake Him Up? LOL!

Dogs are stubborn for most of the parts. When they don’t like to take a bath, they try to stall your time till the very end, some even try to hide. When they want to go to a walk, they constantly bark and make adorable faces to persuade you to get up and hold their leash. All the dog owners know how stubborn dogs can be. However, this dog in the video below is probably one of the most stubborn out of them all.

This adorable husky doesn’t want to get up, nor does he want to let his owner get up and go to school. So what he does? He lays on top of him on bed and doesn’t let anyone wake them up. Even when mom comes to the room and tries to get the blanket off, this husky hilariously takes control of the blanket and sleeps on top of his owner again.

This left the whole family in hysterics. What about you? Did this make you laugh? Let us know via comments!

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