Baby Girl Wants To Play With Her Husky. Now Watch How This Dog Responds!

Dogs are the best baby sitters in the whole wide world. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video below and you’ll know what I am talking about! This husky in the video below does something to make you realize that there is nothing dogs can’t do to make their little humans happy!

At first, this husky in the following video looked grumpy. I almost thought he was uninterested in playing with this little baby girl. But as it turns out, he was just holding it in. As soon as baby lifts her arms to persuade her husky to play with her, this pooch can’t help it anymore and starts to play with her. Even dad was left in stitches when the dog finally gave in to the temptation.

Watch this adorable video below. Did this melt your heart? Let us know via comments!

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