He Abandoned His Family To Save These Wild Horses. But When THIS Happened? I’m In TEARS!

One of the most incredible conservationists throughout history is Dayton O’ Hyde; a writer and freelance photographer turned cowboy. For past decades he has been protecting an important part of America, i.e. wild horses. In 1990, Dayton in his 60s was inspired to work on the perseverance of wild horses and almost abandoned his own family to move to the Black Hills of South Dakota. This video below is the trailer of his inspiring biographical documentary!

Even though Dayton’s work was pure and important for everyone, he had to fight almost everyone to establish his sanctuary. He fought government, neighbor and even his family. But whatever hurdles tormented or blocked him, he passed it all and established an 11,000 acre sanctuary called Black Hills Wild Horses Sanctuary, where now hundreds of wild mustangs run wild without any fear of being captured or hunted.

“This is as close to heaven as I’ll probably ever get” says Dayton. When you watch this video below you’ll know what he means! Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments!

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