They Started Dancing To “Ice Ice Baby”… But Their Next Move Left The Crowd Screaming! Wow!

You have probably heard the famous hip-hop song of 1990s, “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. It is a really amazing song, yet we rarely see this hit song used for any professional dance competitions – until this video below. This dance group featured in the following clip not just danced perfectly to this incredible tune of Ice Ice Baby, but mixed it up with other amazing songs for their dance routine.

From the songs like “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, “La Isla Bonita” by Madonaa, “We Are Young” by Fun to “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, this dance group timed their perfectly choreographed dance routine to these awesome tunes. This unique performance left the crowd screaming and I couldn’t take my eyes off as well.

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Ice, ice Baby.

Posted by Baila Mi Rey-Just Dance on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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