Kids Bullied This 14 Yr Old Because Of His Dreams. But Then He Did THIS To Shut EVERYONE Up!

This video below features a heart moving performance of a young boy who participated in the Britain’s Got Talent 2016. This 14 yr old’s name is Jack Higgins and he has some marvelous talent. From the very young age, Jack has been passionate about dancing. However, unlike most of the boys of his age, he was mostly enchanted by ballet dance. He was bullied by his friends for choosing ballet and some even called him gay. But through all the struggles he has now become a fine ballet dancer.

During his audition, Jack performed a stunning piece on “Say Something” and took the house down. Everyone was drowned in tears by his performance and Simon Cowell was enthralled to see this little boy and his passion for dancing.

Watch this amazing performance in the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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