He Was Fixing This Special Needs Horse’s Shoe. But How The Horse Reacted Cracked Me Up!

Most of the times we say ‘thank you’ to show our appreciation to anyone. However, what do you think a horse would do to show his/her gratitude? It is obvious that they cannot speak human language like parrots can, so what exactly do they do to say ‘thank you’?

This video below features a special needs horse named Jack, who had a very rough ‘foal-hood’ because of his inborn condition. At first the owners thought to euthanize him. However, after some research they found a doctor who could operate on him and make him better again.

In this following video, Jack is showing his appreciation towards his owner who is mending his hoofs. He slowly takes out his tongue and licks his owner Al all over the face.

Jack is looked after by Project Stables and is happy to spread his love everywhere. Did this make you smile? Let us know through your comments below!

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