I Thought This Janitor Was Making A Path In The Snow. But When Camera Zoomed Out? WHOA!

When this janitor in the video below was asked to shovel the snow in the path, he did something more than that. He wanted to spread smile and laugh himself as well. So he took the advantage of the heavy layer of snow in the road to play the most hilarious prank of all times. Wait till you see this yourself!

This janitor did in fact made the path for the employees to get into the office. But he added some little adventures around it. He made the zigzagged path which circled back to where it started. Most of the people fell for it, but some of them didn’t, some realized it half way through. But this prank no doubt made everyone smile.

I would love to play this trick on my friends. What do you think about it? Let us know via comments!

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