This Dog Wanted To Play With That Horse. But I Lost It When I Saw How This Horse Responded!

Watching unlikely friendship between two different species is a very heartwarming. You may have seen many of these videos. However, this video below might be something that you have never seen before. It is a communication and relationship between a dog and a horse.

Jasmine the pit bull is a very energetic dog who doesn’t let anything come between her and her playtime. She is even enthusiastic to make new friends and make them as lively as she herself is. This time her target is a horse named Mister. Jasmine runs with a giant orange traffic cone almost as big as her and approaches Mister. Mister is more than happy to play with this sweet little pup too! You will really love watching these two playing tug of war.

Watch what happens in the end. This will make your day even better. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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