Dad puts his own spin on ‘Hallelujah’ for his son, and even the judges were in awe

“Hallelujah” is one of my favorite song by Leonard Cohen. Throughout decades this song has gained a lot of popularity and appreciations. It has also been covered by many artists. However, every time we hear someone singing this song, we expect them to sing like the original. But when Jeff Gutt appeared on the season 2 of X Factor, 2012, he gave the most wonderful rendition of Hallelujah ever. THIS brought me chills down my spine!

36 year old Jeff decided that he wanted to sing this world’s most popular song in his own way. He put a lot of improvisations in this song, but the result is just unbelievable! He not just amazed the crowd but every one of the judges liked his rendition equally. He is no doubt a gem in X Factor.

Even Simon Cowell said that it was one of the best audition he has ever judged. Did you like his performance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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