9 Year Old Walked Onstage With Her Katana. But Then EVEVERYONE Went CRAZY When She Did THIS!

Throughout years of watching Britain’s Got Talent I have learnt to never judge a book by its cover. Jesse Jane is a 9 year old Pint-sized samurai girl who at first smitten everyone with her innocent smile. Nobody knew what her act was going to be. But when she started to perform, every jaw fell on the ground.

Jesse’s parents wanted her to be a ballerina and even sent her to the class. But even at such a young age, she knew that ballet was never meant for her. Instead, she wanted to join samurai class and be a world class samurai. She started her training when she was just 3 years old. Now after 6 years of intense training, she has finally stepped up on a stage full of massive crowd to showcase her skill.

She may be cute as a button but you would never want to get on her bad side. Watch her amazing skill in the video below!

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