4 Yr Old HATES It When Dad Calls Her A Princess. WHY? Her Reason Is PRICELESS!

Till now, we have seen a lot of talented and amazing kids in Steve Harvey’s hit show “Little Big Shots”. We have seen kids who can play Beethoven music at the age of four to the kids who can dance sassy in such a young age. However, no one can top 4 year old Joanna when it comes to wittiness and humorous.

Joanna is the girl who went viral on the internet for her video where she was seen lecturing her dad. Her dad called her a princess and Joanna was not very fond of it. While many girls her age would love to be called one, Joanna thought otherwise. She didn’t like it when her dad called her a princess, but the reason she gives is really unbelievable!

Wait till you hear her reason! Can you believe this little girl? Drop your comments in COMMENTS section below!

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