Cockatiel challenged macaw to a dance-off, now watch their stunning moves

This video proves that birds know how to have fun! If you don’t believe me, just go ahead and watch it! It features a pair of adorable birdies named Jonathan and Sadie who really know how to groove. One of them is a macaw and the other is a cockatoo. They are going to steal your heart with their incredible dance moves!

As soon as the music starts, they immediately start rocking out. All that head-banging and wing-flapping will no doubt bring a hug smile on your face! I really liked how effortlessly the cockatoo nods her head! She definitely won this battle for me, but the macaw wasn’t that bad either! I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like it!

Watch the dance-off in the video below! Who do you think was the best? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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