4 Year Old Called 911 For Help. But When He Was Asked About His Problem? LOL… Unbelievable!

911 calls are always used for emergencies, and this little boy named Johnny was actually quite aware of it. However, this 4 year old had a trouble that not even a 911 operator could believe. You will be rolling on the floor when you see why this little boy called 911 in haste. Are you ready to fill your cuteness quota of the day?

Johnny just came across a tough mathematics problem, and who he seeks for help? A 911 operator! He wanted to do his homework but apparently he got stuck and decided to call 911. He was quite aware that police are always ready to help you with anything that is why he dialed the number and asked the operator to help him with his homework. The conversation between this 4 year old and a 911 operator is just too priceless!

Isn’t that adorable? Watch this video till the end. You won’t expect this hilarious ending!

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