She Is Just 2 Years Old. But When I Saw Her Say This To Her Family, I Was Stunned!

The brain of a baby is said to be like a sponge. They can remember almost everything that is said to them. Therefore, being extra careful and choosy with our words doesn’t hurt much. The hilarious video below of a little girl named Josie was posted by her father Eric Palonen on YouTube. You are going to crack up when you see what she says in the video!

Eric calls his little girl a diva in training. He says that “Every once in a while Josie will go on a tangent and it’s usually quite funny. She certainly knows how to SOUND like an adult…” She has been listening to her elders with care hasn’t she? She doesn’t tolerate “bad words” either! This amusing girl made my day for sure!

Watch this hilarious video below! Did she crack you up? Share your thoughts about this video in the comments section!

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